Do we tend to overthink our wardrobe?

A few months ago I told you about my wardrobe malfunction/identity crisis. While I’ve managed to feel better about myself and my role as a mother (because, seriously, she’s the cutest baby ever) I haven’t lost any weight and my wardrobe is still a mess.

I think the lack of weightloss is due to lack of motivation. Let me explain, I do really want to loose the extra weight but I also really really really really (yes, really) want another baby. Like now! And it seems pointless to loose all the weight now and then just gain it back with my next pregnancy. Because I would have to start over again. And that’s just silly in my book.

These past few weeks I’ve managed to find/make some items that make me feel put together. I feel/look better with better fitting clothes. I’m also making an effort to get properly dressed everyday.

But starting September 1st school starts again and I’ve got no autumn wardrobe. I did the whole Wardrobe Architect thing but to no avail.
I’ve been thinking about what I want and I guess I kind of figured it out but it all gives me a giant headache. It just seems that being able to sew overcomplicates things because I want to sew every single thing myself and I just don’t know where to start so I don’t get started at all.

It all gives me a terrible headache and not a lot of will to sew.

Does the fact that we can sew our own wardrobe make us overthink the entire thing?

11 thoughts on “Do we tend to overthink our wardrobe?

  1. It is a lot of work to make clothes. I can’t imagine you would have time to make clothes as a working new mom. You have transformed a great deal and it takes time for everything to catch up. Becoming a mom is kinda a huge deal. It changes everything and nothing…I think you know what I mean. Maybe it isn’t about wardrobe, maybe right now maybe it is a few pieces, an outfit. take baby steps! ❤ (If none of this is helpful – ignore!)


    1. I know exactly what you mean 🙂 The world keeps on turning like it used to and you have to keep doing what you used to, but now there’s a baby to add to the mix 🙂 I’m lucky to be still on my holiday break for another 3 weeks (yay, being a teacher) and because I have to pay for daycare all year anyway, she still goes to daycare 3 days a week (although, I do remember that they close for the final two weeks of August.) So, yep maybe an outfit is a better idea 🙂


  2. Yes! I do this all the time!! Even if you want another baby, I’d still try to lose some of the weight to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and whatnot in the next pregnancy. If you think about it that way it’s not a waste. 😊


    1. Well, I did not think of that since I was tested last time and wasn’t at any risk and my weight is about the same as before my last pregnancy. But you do have a very good point… Darn, I hate people coming up with good reasons to lose weight 😉 Maybe I’ll lay of the biscuits then and get reacquainted with my cross trainer 😀


  3. Don’t feel bad if you buy a few rtw pieces. When sewing becomes a chore, it loses all the fun – so buy a couple things in the meantime while you wait for the sewing motivation to come back. But only buy something if it makes you feel good! If you look in the fitting room mirror and an outfit is just “meh”, don’t buy it.

    Sometimes shopping is helpful because it’s a little more instant in the love/hate of an outfit or style. I like to look through the racks for ideas and basics I don’t want to waste the time making. And my only rule about shopping is: if something makes you laugh or scratch your head in confusion on the hanger, you HAVE to try it on. Sometimes I find new styles I like, or get a better idea about what works for me – or at least a good laugh at some of the new trends. And you never know, shopping might be all the motivation you need to start sewing stuff again.

    Dress for the body you have right now, not the body you want. And for the record, you always look cute in your photos! =)


    1. You’re so sweet 🙂 I do find it hard to go back to RTW now that I sew, not only because it’s hard to find stuff I like but it’s especially hard to find affordable stuff in a decent quality, maybe I judt have to think outside the box. If I want a boyfriend style shirt like the Archer in a nice plaid and I can’t find it in women’s wear, maybe I could go for a men’s shirt instead?


      1. Now you’re thinking! I actually just bought myself a 4X-big&tall flannel shirt! I am neither big nor tall but I loved the plaid and it was only $4.40 (plus I had a 20% coupon!). It will probably become a flannel shirt-dress at some point. It’s hilariously big on me – goes down to my knees and I look like I’m a 5-year-old trying on my dad’s shirt.

        You can make anything adorable with the right styling. And sometimes it’s not all about the quality when time is precious and you just need a temporary fix.


      2. No offense, but the US has some ridiculously big sizing! You’d have to go to specialised (read expensive) stores to find anything over 3XL 🙂


      3. We also have a place called Kohl’s – where I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything full price! It’s a bit crazy. (If you’re big&tall and want dress clothing, that’s a whole ‘nother expensive search, but yeah, causal clothing can be found in all sizes here.)


  4. tbh I think many women overthink the whole wardrobe/clothing thing, regardless of whether they sew or not. In the end of the day it’s just clothes, so whether you buy them or make them and whether they are going to fit in another couple of years doesn’t really matter all that much in the great scheme of things.
    Naturally, I#m being really matter of fact and sensible about all of this while planning my next few sewing makes 😉


  5. It’s great to see that you are feeling better about yourself! And I agree about the overthinking. Why not shop for some basic tees, cardigans and tights to fall-proof your summer dresses and skirts? I agree with Brooke on the “chore” thing, cut yourself some slack 😉


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