Dieting 101: Need your help :)

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for your feedback about cutting into my fabric. I’ve decided to ‘get over myself’ and use my pretty fabrics now, because there will always be more fabric and who am I kidding, I won’t be able to resist them anyway.

But that’s not why I need your help. Between juggling work, household, a baby and a house under construction, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Last week I decided to go on a diet. The weight has been creeping up on me slowly for the last years. And now I want to lose it. I already bought a second hand crosstrainer to be able to exercise at home (cause I haven’t got time to hit the gym). I don’t want to lose the weight fast, but I want to keep it off.

And that’s where you come in. I need your tips, tricks, recipes. Because that’s where I feel overwhelmed. I like food, I like filling, tasty dishes and there seem to be a lot of nice recipes out there but you now the thing with the trees and the forest.

I just don’t know where to start. I want healthy food, I want easy, tasty food and above all, I want food that my husband will eat as well, because I’m not cooking two dinners!

So if you know anything at all… Please share!

17 thoughts on “Dieting 101: Need your help :)

  1. I found stength building exercises quite helpful. Muscles burn fat even when you rest, so it is good to build some (especially when you limit your calories as your body will otherwise get rid of muscles, so it won’t need the calories you are saving). I am using a very popular body weight excerise book, but I guess there are many similar books out there.
    As for cooking, I think it depends what your body needs. E.g. I always like proteins, so I when I am looking for a healthy meal, I might make lentil salad or fish or an omelette.


  2. I like the website ‘skinnytaste’. Her recipes are good and I always get compliments when I make meals from her site. I never use ‘low-fat’ cream or anything but her other ‘whole food’ substitutions are good (cauliflower for potato, yogurt instead of sour cream and etc). I also find that she’s quite positive. I am trying to be healthy but not be obsessed with calories. I also refuse to only eat diet foods. I just found your website, I’m really enjoying it.


    1. You’re so sweet! We seem to have the same vision on food. I don’t like food that’s labelled ‘diet’ because I don’t trust the processes to make things ‘diet-friendly’ so I’d rather use the full fat stuff, just not as much of it. It just tastes better and I think that’s what food should be about 🙂 Thanks for the tip!


  3. Healthy eating and exercise are the only way I’m afraid, sorry to sound boring but diets just don’t work. We eat sensibly (lots of veggie dishes because I prefer that to meat, lots of pasta and vegetables, beans & pulses, veg soups, oily fish). I’ve had to force myself to increase the amount of red meat I eat for pregnancy but I’ve also added in more spinach and broccoli for iron. Start with gentle exercise like walking every day or every other day and gradually build up to a jog, maybe 3 times a week. It releases endorphins in your body and makes you feel better as well as losing weight. I can’t wait to take up running again after the baby is born, it helps clear my head! Good luck!


    1. Well, I call it a diet because I want to lose weight, but I’m actually looking for a healthier way of life that helps me shed weight now and help keep it off 🙂 I’ve been going on the crosstrainer about 3 times a week now, because I can’t jog/run due to an old injury.


  4. About 11 years ago I lost 80 pounds. I did it by walking and eating less. I LIKED food and did not want to go on a boring diet. So I just ate LESS of everything. It worked. And I kept it off for 10 years. Now I am hitting “that age” and the weight is creeping back on so I have had to take stock of what I am doing and hopefully get it back under control. So, I have been eating “Paleo” style for the most part- and feel good and really like it! Hopefully I can “re-shed” some of those pounds I put on! But it is harder now then it was 10 years ago! Good luck on your weight loss! I KNOW you can do it!


    1. Thanks! I like food as well, plus I’m a real emotional eater. I’ve been focusing on not snacking this week and that worked really well, now I just need learn about portion control. I do love the healthy fats like nuts, salmon and avocados and even though they are healthy, they are still fats so I need to moderate on those. I’ve been looking into the paleo diet and it looks really good, but I’m not sure I can cut carbs completely 🙂 So I might mix it up 🙂 And even though it’s harder for you now than it used to be, I know you can do it too!


      1. Thanks! I am determined and hope to succeed! I really want pretty clothes out of all those fabrics I have too. And I realize I just need to sew now too. As you said- There is MORE fabric out there. 🙂 I also like carbs! And so I am good most of the time! But I don’t think I could ever give them up 100%. I can skip the rice pasta and bread most of the time though! I found a FABULOUS paleo banana bread recipe and that really keeps me going. Just baking the banana bread and having a warm slice with some butter satisfies me big time! (I think I need to bake a loaf this week now that I have mentioned it!) Here is the recipe if you decide to try Paleo: 🙂


  5. I did the dieting thing with a nutritionist for 4 years and got completely obsessed and unhappy about it. I felt guilty whatever I ate. I always bounced back to a certain weight no matter what I did.. Two months ago, I decided to stop doing that and I’ve lost these three kilos that wouldn’t come off before + they didn’t come back (yet). For me the crucial thing was focusing on my belly: was I still hungry or not? Really hungry or ‘it tastes good’ hungry?
    Also, when I have a food day (eating a lot of tasty, heavy stuff) I make the next day sober: steamed vegetables, small portions, only a very small meal in the evening, no snacking in between meals…
    I try to balance it out. I think balance is the key here. My dad always says: ” the big sins don’t make you fat, but the daily sins do”. So I try to live by that mantra now. It sort of works and I do no longer feel guilty about brownies, spareribs and fries.
    Steaming a lot of stuff and adding nuts, spices, different textures, also helps.

    Good luck on your journey, it’s not easy, but you can do it!


  6. There is so much awful stuff out there about diet and exercise and people who are trying to make a buck off people trying to lose a little weight, I would advise you to read anything with a certain amount of skepticism. Depending on the amount of weight you want to lose, and since you are a new mum, you might want to talk it over with your doctor. With that said, here is a link to an incredible sensible guide to diet and exercise. It’s written for a goal of fitness, but weight loss overlaps with most of it:


  7. I don’t believe in diets, I believe in lifestyle changes. So you can eat whatever you feel like (within reason) and still stay on weight. Been living in the States for 3 yrs now, lost weight 2 years ago after being diagnosed with arthritis amongst others and realizing the only thing I could influence was my lifestyle; now we’re only having desserts on the weekend) and cook lots of heart-healthy (and tasty) food. I’m doing well health wise, I don’t believe in people who say arthritis is caused by food, but I think eating healthy never hurts (extra weight is very bad for arthritis). Both my husband and I have a stable weight now, and we were “jojo-ing” both for years. My favorite cookbook author is Sally Bee ( don’t buy the desert book :)), she has an amazing story. I also really enjoy the recipes from Cooking Light (American website/magazine), not everything is light light, just use your common sense. Sally’s recipes replace unhealthy fat with substitutes and it tastes great! Give it some time and google recipes online :).


  8. I agree with Sabs that healthy eating and exercise are the way forwards. Are you still nursing? If you are, there’s a book call, Eat well, Lose weight, While Breastfeeding by Eileen Behan – it might be a good place to start.
    If not, I’m a big fan or the Hugh Fernly Whittingstall books – although I’d probably recommend either the ‘Veg’ on or ‘Everyday’ – I I think if you stick to lots of fruit & veggies and some protein and try to avoid processed food you’ll be onto a winner. Obviously if you’re working as well, then a bit of forward planning and preparation might help to make things a bit easier. Good luck 🙂


    1. I stopped nursing because I went back to work, so I don’t have to consider that anymore 🙂 I’ll check out the books and luckily I like my food freshly made even if it takes time 🙂


  9. I follow a few blog with lovely and mostly healthy recipies, my new roots, plantaardigheidjes, mind your feed, fully raw kristina (or christina) are the first ones that pop to my mind. I also really like blogilates for at home workouts. Something that helps me a a lot is the fact that a lot of the time when you feel hungry, it’s actually thirst, so I always drink a glass of water when I’m thisty in between meals. And if I’m really hungry I’ll get hungry again 15 minutes later. So that a good barometer to try. Cuttently I’m eating ‘raw till 4′ mostly because I think I eat to few veggies, greens and fruit. But there is een exception for soup (I love soup). And I actually really like it, I never thought I could eat that many veggies in one day and still liking them 🙂 Anyways, good luck! It will be a journey to find the lifestyle that suits you, I hate the word diet. Btw, realising the difference between candies and actual food also helped me a lot


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