The One where I’m still alive

Just a quick word to let you know I’m not dead, life is just getting in the way of blogging.
I have been sewing though, a lot even but I can’t seem to get good pics because my hubby hates taking them and messes them up every time. Also, it’s dark by the time he gets home. So I’ve ordered a remote and a larger tripod so I can take pictures myself.

I have been blogging mentally, telling you all about my new garments but I just don’t find the time to actually write about them. I will though, but with the wedding and all I just needed a short break 🙂

We’ve got one busy week left because we have to get our baby list ready by Saturday and since I have no clue about what a baby needs (apart from home sewn items) this takes up quite some research 🙂

I also got some extra hours at work which means more money but also less time at home.

See you later!

8 thoughts on “The One where I’m still alive

  1. I know exactly what you mean about getting good pics! My hubby is hit or miss about photos. Sometimes he cuts off my feet or the shot is crooked and he just gets impatient. So I started taking some photos using a timer. Good luck with everything you’re working on!


    1. I’m a bit tired because of the baby in my belly but apart from that I’m great. It’s still kinda strange to call him my husband but if anything I feel like I love him even more. The house is coming along slowly, we decided on our new kitchen and it’ll be delivered around the time the baby’s born. That’s a bit later than we originally wanted but it gives us time to do the rest first. The bedrooms and bathroom should be done (painted and everything) in about a month or so. We’re just waiting for the central heating now, because it’s getting really cold 🙂 Have you settled in yet?


  2. Don’t worry about it, blogging is more like a luxury thing to do when you have the time! Nobody’s going to be mad at you 😉 Any plans to come see the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode on the 23d of November? Lieke is hosting a viewing!


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