The One with The Darling Ranges Peplum Top

I bought the fabric on Friday because fabric with threadspools on them is just impossible to resist for a Sewcialist 🙂 I wanted to make a Darling Ranges dress out of it but I also wanted to add a collar (I love collars!). Because I was afraid it would be too much, I decided to try my first peplum top ever.

peplum top


I shortened the sleeves, made a round necklineadded a collar, shortened the skirt (25cm).

This is probably the nicest thing I ever made. This might possibly look even better on the inside than on the outside. French seams everywhere! Every fricking seam!! I pressed, I measured, I unpicked until it was completely perfect! I had never made or worn a peplum top before but I really love how it looks (I’m keeping the reveal for a Me-Made-May’13 post)

My boyfriend didn’t really like it though. He thought it made me look pregnant and he wants me to sew less print. Too bad for him then, because I love it and I love the fact that I’m finally brave enough to wear prints!


Some of you may have noticed that I have a new dress form. It’s a vintage dress form that they were going to throw out at the school were I work. I saved it from the dump and took it home. I need to recover it because the cover has some tears and some waterstains from a leak. But seriously this is what I wanted and it already makes my clothes look nicer than the adjustable one.

Any ideas for a name for my new dress form. She deserves it!

4 thoughts on “The One with The Darling Ranges Peplum Top

  1. I love the print! I bet the top would look cute tucked into a skirt too (and maybe your boyfriend would like it better that way).

    Hmm… a name. First thing I thought was Cinderella or a variation like Cindy or Ella. Because you saved her from the dustbin. =) What a wonderful treasure to find – glad you could save her!


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