The One with the Stash Organiser

Like a lot of people into sewing, I have quite a stash build up. Because I wanted to start using my stash, instead of forgetting what I have and buying new fabric, I needed a way to get organised.

I had been thinking about this for a while, but I never found the ideal way for me to organise my stash.

It might be good to tell you that I believe all people have this tiny autistic person living inside them and sometimes it needs to get out. Mine comes out when there’s two colours of blue pen used on the some sheet of paper. Or when I have to make cards to organise my stash.

I knew immediately that organising my stash in a folder wouldn’t be for me, too large and I like going through it more quickly. Small cards weren’t my thing either because I couldn’t put them in a binder of some sorts and I didn’t just want to write the info on a card because I don’t like my own handwriting. Suddenly it struck me. I wanted a Rolodex. It still had the small cards but the cards were stored in a box and attached so they couldn’t get lost. I finally found a secondhand Rolodex (with new cards) for only 1 euro. ($1.5) All I needed now was a design for the cards.

I decided to design my own cards. This is what I came up with (after a lot of trials and errors)

stempelI wanted it to look nice and have enough information: date, price, yardage, shop, fabric type, maintenance and pre-washed.

My initial idea was to carve a stamp using this template but because I needed to fit on a businesscard I decided it wasn’t do-able.

I finally  printed them on regular paper, cut along the line and glued them onto the Rolodex cards. There was a lot of cutting and hand-cramping involved.



After my cards were done, I divided my fabric into piles according to type (woven, knit, specials and scraps)

I cut a small piece out of each fabric, glued it on the card and filled in the info. There are a lot cards which miss date or price just because it’s been a while and I don’t remember.

projectIt’s a lot of work and I’ve only managed to do all the ‘wovens’ because I ran out of finished cards and I wasn’t looking forward to cutting another bunch. But I do love the system. It’s easy to flip through to see if I have the fabric I need. The only adjustment I’m going to make is that I’m going to look for sticker paper so I don’t have to glue it onto the cards.

Hope you like it!




8 thoughts on “The One with the Stash Organiser

  1. I totally need to do this too! This is a great idea! If you need to purchase a matching color fabric for lining or buttons or a zipper you could just take the little card with the fabric swatch and info to the fabric store with you!


  2. Great idea! Right now, my fabric stash cards are A4 pages. I’ve loosely categorized them by fabric type: natural fibres, synthetic fibres (like chiffon, etc), and heavier, suiting type fabrics.
    You could consider printing yours out on stickers so you don’t have to do all that cutting.


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