The one with the reorganising.

My doctor ordered me home for three weeks. I have been taking on a lot lately and my body was telling me to take it slower but I wouldn’t listen. I thought stress was for quiters and I’m not a quiter. But I began to have more and more stress-related symptoms and because my doctor feared if I pushed myself any further I would have a burn-out, he told me to stay home, get some rest and only do what I like to do and what calms me down. So basically nothing work-related and all-sewing related. So far the bad … Continue reading The one with the reorganising.

The one with all the new stuff.

Last week, I drove all the way down to Holland (it sounds far for Belgian standards but it was only a one hour drive) to pick up some fabric I ordered. I had to pick it up because among that fabric where 3 entire bolts and they were to expensive to be send by mail. Yes, you read it correctly: I bought 3 bolts of fabric. And because they were leftovers (I guess from a previous season) they came ridiculously cheap. I couldn’t resist. Specially because a few weeks ago Leila  talked about buying whole rolls of fabric and how … Continue reading The one with all the new stuff.

The one with the new baby!

It’s been ages (well, 10 days to be precise) since I wrote a post. I don’t know why but it seemed like I didn’t find the time to actually write about the stuff I made. I will write a few posts today because I think tiny posts are better to structurise than one very long post. So first of: I have a new baby! And she’s called Harriet! Isn’t she lovely! She’s my new (new for me at least) Bernina Activa 220. I bought her last week after my relationship with my Toyota ended. We had a good run but … Continue reading The one with the new baby!

Me Made Moose – Shirt

On Thursday it hit me! Planning your outfits and what you’re going to make is fine and all, but in the end you have to do some actual sewing. So I picked up a piece of fabric I’ve been wanting to turn into a sweater for a very long time and made it! Pattern: Megan Nielsen’s Briar Pattern (She’s also hosting a Briar sewalong right now) Fabric: A very soft, very cosy sweater knit with a ice-crystal and moose/reindeer print. Size and alterations: This knit was a lot stretchier than the previous one I used for this pattern so I … Continue reading Me Made Moose – Shirt

For You February – Project Bumblebee

The Twitter Sewing community got talking again and suddenly we all realised that we were all sewing for others this month. We decided it needed a name and For You February was born. Leave it to the ever lovely Gillian to design a logo for it! It wasn’t any different for me. There were some ‘For you’ projects on my list for this month. Only difference is, they weren’t presents. People actually asked me to make these (which does make me a little proud of myself) for a special occasion. So instead of taking it easy, I was on a … Continue reading For You February – Project Bumblebee

Channel my inspiration

Since I took the Seamless Pledge last week and went through my wardrobe I realised that I had 2 problems. I had so many sewing ideas going through my head that it kept me awake at night. The clothes left in my wardrobe were boring. No prints what so ever. BORING BORING BORING I realised I needed something to focus my sewing/design ideas so I could get them out of my head, but could still find them back if I wanted to. Drawing seemed like the best way to go at it… If it wasn’t for the minor problem that … Continue reading Channel my inspiration