Channel my inspiration

Since I took the Seamless Pledge last week and went through my wardrobe I realised that I had 2 problems.

  • I had so many sewing ideas going through my head that it kept me awake at night.
  • The clothes left in my wardrobe were boring. No prints what so ever. BORING BORING BORING

I realised I needed something to focus my sewing/design ideas so I could get them out of my head, but could still find them back if I wanted to. Drawing seemed like the best way to go at it… If it wasn’t for the minor problem that I can’t draw. This is actually a bit exaggerated as I’m a teacher as well as an interior designer (actually studied it, not just adopting the fancy title) so I had some sketching in a far away past. But those sketches were all about buildings… Clothes and people… not really the same as drawing buildings.

This is the moment where Leila‘s blog post was a gift from God himself. I never knew there was such a thing as a croquis sketchpad. I had never even heard of the word ‘croquis’.

But I just went for it and ordered one. Got it in the mail yesterday and I haven’t let it out of my sight for even a minute. My sister-in-law lend me her fancy pencils (as the ones I have here are utter crap and my fancy ones are still ‘living’ at my parents’ house) and it has made an incredible difference. It went really well for a first try and now at last I can relax a bit and stop worrying about whether I’ll remember all my great ideas. It made me a bit calmer.

That was problem number one. Number two was a bit trickier as I’m always prone to picking the safer fabrics while actually wanting to use the bold ones.  I decided to radically change my ways and order some print fabrics. I know what I’m likely to wear and I didn’t go for the boldest ones. The prints I finally chose were a bit retro, a bit girly and also very very pretty. I went for the safer cotton prints to start with and want to use those and the dresses I want to refashion to add that little something to my wardrobe. For now the prints are all about tops and cardigans. But I might even experiment with some fabric paint and discharge paste (got the idea from Miriam over at Madmim) to jazz up my pants. Just have to find some darn discharge paste in Belgium.

That’s what my weekend has been all about up until now. Before I leave you: a preview of planned outfits (Yes, I drew these myself on my sketchpad- Yes, they make me verrrrry happy!).

Croquis 1

4 thoughts on “Channel my inspiration

  1. Oh, my goodness you’ve been busy! I really like how you colored the top on the first sketch (I saw the preview in white on twitter)! And the red skirt has a wonderfully interesting waistband. I still like the lime green as that’s my favorite color. All of them are great designs – can’t wait to see them come to life! =)


  2. Your sketches look so great. I’m so happy you went ahead and bought the sketchpad. I’ve had mine a couple of years and still have only used a couple of pages.


      1. exactly. this is how I use it, too. And it’s planning, which saves you time later on because you can see the image in your head right in front of you.


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